What we do is bring cost effectiveness and we are located in India.

Globalmedcure is a brand for better healthcare and wellness. We are a global company focussed on clients who can take advantage of low cost solutions for your health. The promoter of the company has more than 15 years experience in using natural food products for the treatment of general ailments without consuming antibiotics medicines. Roots are connected to maternal grandfather who was Ayurvedic doctor and also maternal uncle who had vast experience in treating with Ayurvedic medicines. Not only Ayurveda but also in allopathy, the inspiration came after COVID 19 pandemic, to start with an advantage to give benefits to all the people in the world to take the low cost benefit on health solutions. In India, there are doctors and surgeons from various medical fields where cost is an advantage compared to global standards. Medical experts in India are well experienced upto date with global practice. We connect the patients across the globe to our medical experts to benefit from their experience. It is not only cheap but cost effective without compromising on standard procedures. We provide eprescription on day today illness which may be available at your local medical stores. Not only this, there are several other natural methods where if we use in right proportion then it can act as remedy to treat general illness. We provide such natural prescription through herbal food supplements for long term treatment. The quality of practitioners from the medical background and following global standard procedures, is not only prime objective but our standard goal. We are not only providing telehealth/ telemedicine services but the herbal supplements as needed depending upon the need of the body. We proudly envisage to prepare herbal dietary supplements as custom made depending as per the need of the body. We pioneer in home remedy solutions for your daily upkeep. India is renowned for the best doctors in critical illness, if required, the best 2nd opinion can be given to you at a very effective price that one cannot imagine. So visit all the pages to know about what we do.