Our Policy for Shipping and Returns

Customs Clearance & Import Duty on Our Products, If Any:
When you order herbal food supplements from Neeved, India, the Customs consider it as an import. It is an export for Neeved.

Most nations do not charge import duty or have import restrictions on herbal supplements when you order them for personal purposes. It is advisable to check the Customs Department or their website in your country.

From our experience, there is no restriction of Herbal Supplements for personal use in the USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. In some countries, there are restrictions and you might have to pay Import duty as well. We suggest all persons to Check with Customs about Restriction or Import Duty if any on international order of herbal supplement in their country.

If there are any charges like Import Duty or others cost linked to Customs Clearance then it has to be paid by the buyer. Neeved shall not bear the same as this is beyond the scope of what we can handle in any circumstance.

Of Course, Neeved is responsible and bears all charges for clearance of your order within India.

Shipping of Herbal Food Supplements:
Confirmation of Order and Payment: After the realization of payment for your order, we communicate by sending an email to confirm the shipping address. Phone calls may be done if required.

Please note that in case of payments like online bank transfers through Swift code, it takes 3-7 days before your payment is realized in our account. Usually, it is done for bulk purchase only.

We always ship products after payment reaches our bank account or Paypal account or other payment gateway services.

We finalize the shipping method based on your order and shipping address. We always prefer services with online tracking code. 

After shipping the products, we send an online tracking code to your email. We do track your shipment and inform you about it. We do send all shipments within 1-2 business days after receiving payment and confirming the shipping address.

If there is a delay in the shipment reaching you, please write to us and we will try to track it with the shipping company. 

Cancellation Policy:
As we are based in India and use Paypal as our payment method, it is very impractical and complicated for us to cancel the order once received. This is because PayPal charges are very high and transfer the funds to Indian Bank Account within 1 day as per the law of the country. If you still insist to cancel the order and refund the money back to you, there shall be a deduction of more than 10% of the amount on both sides of the transaction (purchase and reverse). So, the refunded amount will vary depending on the order value. It is possible only for Herbal Food Supplements.

So, we request you to contact us by email or other communication if you have any doubt. We always respond within 24 hours or before.

Please order only when you are 100% sure to buy products and hire services from us.

No cancellation of the order is accepted once products have been shipped. No cancellation of services once logged in for the services.

Return Policy:
We don’t accept Returns for Herbal Food Supplements once shipped.

All of our Online Health and Wellness services cannot be canceled as once paid online it is a one-time service provided and an ongoing process.

Damage Reversal Policy for Herbal Food Supplements:
Please do not accept the goods or put remarks immediately once you receive the damaged goods. If products are damaged, we shall replace the goods for you. Please note that it is applicable only if the tablets or inside contents are damaged. Under such circumstances, we request you to send the pictures of the damaged goods by email. We also suggest that returns and replacement is not applicable when the packaged box of tablets is damaged or disfigured and there is no damage to inside tablets. We shall examine the genuinity of the damaged goods before sending the replacement.

Please always feel free to contact us regarding your order, shipment, payment, return, or product/ service experience.